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Top 5 ULTIMATE Planners to Organize Your Life

Top 5 ULTIMATE Planners to Organize Your Life

This list has the best planners for every plann(her)!

Get it? Ha!

Whether you love a traditional layout or the

New innovative planner concepts,

This is for you!

If you’re wanting to FINALLY get your sh*t together and be a “real” adult. 


Between stupid grown up things like work, bills, appointments, “aDuLtiNG”, etc and you just breathing… you’re going to need some STRUCTURE! 

The simplest way, from my experience, is with a planner. They are PORTABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE, AND STYLISH!

Not just any planner though.. You need an ULTIMATE PLANNER!

Here’s my list curated just for you. 

Here’s the list of Top Planners to get your life in order for 2020!

1. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

This is by far my favorite, and I can say so because I’ve used this brand planner for five years! Since my early college days this has carried though day-to-day tasks.

This is the ULTIMATE planner for “girly-girls” who love: nice aesthetics, functional capabilities, and visual appealing.

I mean… who’s going to USE  a planner that doesn’t even LOOK appealing?

Get one you’ll be excited to use everytime!

Unbeatable Features:

  • Weekly, Monthly, Daily View
  •  Dates to Remember
  • Notes
  • Stickers
  •  Travel Itinerary
  • Bright Vibrant Colors on Every Page
  • Goals

2. Passion Planner

“It’s the one place for all your thoughts” - Creator of PP

This planner is for someone wanting to organize but also reflect along the way.

Perfect for analyzing what’s working, what’s not and how you’re going to change things in the future to reach your yearly goals.

Awesome Features:

  • Passion Road Map
  • To-Do Lists
  • Game Changer
  • Monthly & Weekly Layouts 
  • Monthly Reflections
  • Many, MANY MORE! 

3. Erin Condren 

“The best-selling planner that’s proven to increase productivity and time management. Track your goals in style with our completely customizable Life Planner.” - Erin Condren Website


  • 12 months Jan 2020 - Dec 2020
  • Mini months
  • Monthly Quotes, Notes, and Productivity
  • Coloring and Dot Grid Page
  • 1 Keep-It-Together Folder

4. The Lavish Life Planner

“Designed by a student specifically for students in order, to ensure Academic Success throughout the school year”.


  • Monthly Quotes
  • Budget (Monthly)
  • Expense Sheets (Monthly)
  • Goal Sheets (Monthly)
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Semester Schedule Layout
  • Notes Section for ToDo’s, Brain Dump, Doodling, etc 

5. Clever Fox Planner (Pro)

“It will help you create a life vision and define and break down your short and long-term goals.”


  • Today’s Main Goal
  • Today Priorities
  • Today’s Wins
  • Lessons Learned
  • Hourly Schedule
  • Productivity Score
  • Colorful Stickers

This is my list of the Top Planners to get you prepared as preparation is KEY! 

But regardless, no matter which planner you choose, make sure it’s one that you will use. 

Share this post with anyone who is wanting to organize their days better! 

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