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Things I Stopped Buying to Save Money (Hundreds Each Month!)

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You may be in a position where you have recently looked at your budget and you're thinking.. "There's no way I can save money, I have no money!"

We typically don't pull our bank statements until there is a crisis or a charge we didn't authorize, lol! Once you finally take a look at your spending habits, you may notice patterns and purchases that make you question if you can get rid of them.

Here is the list of purchases I stopped making to save hundreds every single month. The hardest part is pulling the plug, but your bank account and future will thank you when you reach your financial goals.

1. Cable

 If you haven’t realized yet, Internet TV is now the “WAVE”. Long gone are the days of paying $200+ per month for cable to have access to channels that you don’t even watch. 

When my partner and I quit our jobs last year, we made some major cuts in the house to save money. The first to go….CABLE! We now pay a 4th of the price that cable paid for Unlimited Home Internet which we use to run our businesses. If you’re looking to cut costs MAJORLY, this is the route to go! 

You won’t even miss it with Internet Platforms like:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Fire Stick
  • Amazon TV
  • Disney + 
  • … and my personal favorite PHILO!!

 Philo is a Live TV streaming service that gives you 50+ channels for ONLY $25 A MONTH!!! Including all the favorites such as: BET, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, AMC Networks, A&E, HGTV, and many more! All you need is a strong Internet connection and a compatible device such as:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone

 For more information as well as FAQs regarding this amazing service, click here 

The best part about having individual subscriptions is that you can easily cancel them because they are smaller commitments. If you find that months go by and you no longer use or value a specific subscription, you can just cancel it. Cable is different because you can't just cancel "certain channels" on cable without losing the whole service. 

2. Outside Food

I remember a few years back I was going through my bank statements and found that at 17 years old, I was spending $700+ on food outside of the house!!!!!!*GASP!*$700 WHOLE DOLLARS!!

That was a reality check for me to see just how quick fast food and restaurant runs can really add up. Do you know what I could have done with $700??? Bought a new wardrobe. Taken a trip…or invested that money into a Savings or CD Avoid eating out by grocery shopping and meal prepping days in advance to avoid the common reasons people eat out:

  • Convenience
  • Laziness to cook after a Long Day
  • No dishes to wash

 These reasons cost families over $3000 per year from fast food and dining out. Save yourself hundreds a month by eating at home and maximizing your meals. Blowing all of your extra money on eating out is one of the 8 Worst Mistakes You’re Making in Your Twenties.  

3.  Excessive Subscriptions

As you may know, subscriptions are the new way of life. Pay only a small fee per month for access to unlimited content, food delivery, or any other convenience you can name? There’s a subscription for it!

According to the Simple Dollar, the average per month people are paying in subscriptions is $79.74 - $237.33. If you’re looking to cut costs immediately, start there! To decide if this is an expense to cut, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I actually use this service daily?
  • Is there a cheaper/free option?
  • Is using this service the best use of my time?
  • Can I cancel it for the time being and re-subscribe when my budget allows?
  • Am I actually getting the value I expected from this service? 

 If your answer is “No” to any of these questions, you can safely pull the plug.

You’ll adjust to its absence within a couple of weeks, and if you find that you NEED it that bad, I’m sure the subscription service would welcome you back with open arms! 

4.  Food Delivery Service

Something even more detrimental to your bank account than eating out is eating out to have it delivered. 

The popular food delivery services UberEats, DoorDash, Instacart and Postmates have completely changed the way we eat. The future is here to stay! 

But if you notice the cost of your meal could easily double by using these services due to Service fees, delivery fees, and tips to the drivers. If you’re going to eat out, pick it up yourself or even better.. cook at home!  

When these services first came out, I used to spend so much money because I was too lazy to go pickup the food or cook at home. If you compare how much it costs to have food delivered versus pickup or cooking, you'll start to make better financial decisions. 

5.  New Clothes

 How many times have you bought a new outfit just to wear it once? 

Was it worth all of the money you paid??? Do you really feel confident in all of the clothes you wear? 

I’ve been guilty of this too and have stopped going shopping for clothe, unless there is a specific occasion. To keep my wardrobe feeling fresh, I pair my outfits differently each time to give me a different look. 

Another way is to put the out-of-season clothes away in a garage or somewhere you don’t see them so when the seasons change again, you have a brand new wardrobe of clothes you forgot you had! Also, it helps to keep your clothes cleaned on a regular basis so you can see all of the outfits you actually have! 

 If you’re trying to save some serious cash, start with these expenses and you’ll soon see how much you’re actually saving per month. 

Every penny counts when you have a savings goal in mind or are just chipping away at debt! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this list, I hope it helps to make better financial decisions, one dollar at a time. 

Share this with someone you know trying to grow their bank account exponentially!

 Best Wishes to all, 

Micha’ela Monique

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