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Secrets to Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Secrets to Christmas Shopping on a Budget
  1. Make a Budget Before Shopping

Ah! Ah! Ah! 

Make a total budget amount you can spend this holiday season BEFORE you go spending cash and swiping credit cards. 

Then make a list per person you’re buying for their individual budget.

This will ensure you don’t leave anyone out but can splurge on some more than others.

For Example: 

Mom -------- $100

Dad  -------   $100

Bestfriend --$50

Friend #2    $30

Cousin        $25

Grandma    $25

Grandpa     $25

Pet              $10


     2. Buy Packaging from the Dollar Store

Until last Christmas, I always bought more expensive gift wrapping just to come across cheaper wrapping at a later time.  

Buying gift wrap alone can be uber expensive from boxes, wrapping paper, cards…. NOT TO MENTION if you want to add a fancy bow! 

Save your money for the ACTUAL GIFTS instead, wrapping will just get torn to shreds anyways.. *insert shrug emoji*               

Stores to find Low Price Wrapping:

  • Dollar Tree
  • 99 cent Store
  • Five Below

  1. Coupon it UP!     

Coupons never hurt anybody!!!

Around this time of year, your mailboxes (physical and virtual) will be FLOODED with pick-me’s in the form of COUPONS. 

Every retailer will have a “season sale” and you best take advantage. 

Before you go out shopping, check your e-mail and junk mail to see what kind of deals are on. 

Don’t be the person who pays full price to come home and find a coupon for that exact gift! *insert facepalm emoji*

If you prefer digital coupons check out: (add affiliate links) 

  • Retail-Me-Not
  • Shopkick
  • Ibotta 

These apps allow you to earn cashback by visiting certain locations, shopping, and give you coupons FOR FREE! 

   3. Set Expectations 


There’s NOTHING worse than buying a $20 gift for a friend that buys you  $500 one…

Now you feel you need to get EVEN-STEVEN!!

Have this conversation as Christmas Season is approaching about a mutual limit you will spend on each other.

It’ll save you embarrassment AND competition coins!! 

   4. Shop ONLINE! 


It’s a proven fact that shopping in person leads to spending more money, there’s temptation all around you and suddenly you have 3 new outfits, 10 on-sale candles and a new knick-knack when you only went to the mall for ONE THING! 

I personally learned that hard way when I went grocery shopping in person after 2 years of “grocery pickup service” ---- long story short ended up spending over 3x over my weekly grocery budget.

Save yourself the urges and shop online when possible. 

    5. Clearance and Bargain Stores 


I can’t stress enough how many times I went to Burlington or Ross to buy an item and saw that EXACT SAME item at a “known” retailer for 3 times the price!!!

Same brand, same color, same quality… 

This holiday season, start your shopping at bargain stores FIRST! 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, THEN search in name-brand stores. 

     6. Re-Wrap an Unused Gift 



What did you do with last year’s Christmas gift that you cringed over? 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

So re-gift it!!!

The gift that didn’t fit your or your preferences could be perfect for someone else.

And guess what it’s completely FREE for you! 

    7. Make a Gift! 


Lastly, and definitely not least is to create your own gift.

If you’re crafty, can make art, clothing, jewelry, etc just make your own personalized gifts for the people you love! 

They will love that it’s made special for them AND you’ll be proud to share your creation. 

Don’t underestimate your talents and be creative!! 

Comment below on how you plan to save money this Christmas season. Be sure to share this post with anyone you know wanting to not miss out on Christmas shopping due to their budget. Let them know, their financial situation shouldn’t stop them in this festive time of year! 

Best Wishes,


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