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8 Worst Mistakes You're Making in Your Twenties

8 Worst Mistakes You're Making in Your Twenties
  1.  Thinking You Have All The Time in the World

One of The biggest enemies of our success is… PROCRASTINATION!

It’s more of a joke, and super minor, when you procrastinate in middle school, high school, and even college. But if you bring this same energy into TRUE adulthood, you’re going to be in a heap of trouble. 

Us Youngin’s tend to assume that since we’re in our 20’s we have ALL THE TIME in the world to:

  • Build Credit
  • Stack Our Money
  • Find Financial Independence
  • Prioritize our Health


But in reality, 20’s turn to 30’s… 40’s… 50’s and before we know it we are faced with the consequences of our negligence. 


  1. Getting Too Comfortable

This could mean a multitude of things… 

But specifically getting too comfortable in:

  • A Job You Can’t Stand
  • Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Not challenging yourself

A big regret that people express right before they pass is how they regret not GOING FOR IT! Just letting life pass them by in a mundane way. 

Not stepping out of their comfort zone to go for the things they really wanted out of life.

Now with you being in your 20’s, you have a few things to your advantage:

  • Less Responsibility
  • Less Commitment
  • Youthfulness
  •  Higher Energy
  • A Strong Passion for Something

Use these to your benefit and really step out of your comfort zone, that is how you’ll find your biggest successes. 



  1. Tarnishing Your Credit

Credit is like a scale of your trustworthiness.

At least that is in the eyes of creditors…

Who are creditors?

  • Bill Collectors (Rent, Utilities, Etc)
  • Credit Card Companies
  • IRS

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES you can make is this... as you’ll spend your 30’s trying to repair this.

Having Bad Credit will:

  • Stop You from Renting Your Dream Apartment (insert Apartment Printables)
  • Prevent You from getting a car you really want
  • Cause you to pay more interest

Take your credit seriously, because on the other hand, good credit can open doors for you that money alone couldn’t.

Here are my best tips to building credit:

  • Pay All Bills on Time
  • Pay more than the minimum on Credit Cards (even if it’s just $5)
  • Double Down on payments if you’re in large debt
  • Keep Your Spending Balance on less than 30% on Credit Cards
  • Have Your Bills in your name, so you get the credit for paying them


For additional tips on this topic check out my post on Do’s and Don’ts for Credit Cards (Beginner Friendly)




  1. Blowing All of Your Money

I know that saving money isn’t as exciting as spending it on all the things your heart desires, but its necessary. 

It’s easy to spend frivolously which is why over 77% of the US Population lives paycheck to paycheck.

That’s huge!! That means that only few people have anything left over to save or invest.

Here are the reasons why:

  • They are living above their means
  • They took on too many expenses (Some Not Needed)
  • Any extra money after bills is spent quickly without thought

It even goes as far as many adults are planning, calculating the money before they even receive their paycheck. 

Instead, in your 20’s you should be putting a portion of your earnings into savings EVERY TIME you receive money, even if its just a few cents! 


  1. Partying Way Too Much

Oh… partying.



Living life on the edge…


Parties are fun an enjoyable, but what are you really celebrating every weekend?

You can take that same money spent on alcohol and food and save it for a rainy day.

Get ahead of the gang by staying in more, focusing on what really matters to you and your future.


  1. Trying To Please Everyone

The key to not living for other people is defining WHO YOU ARE and what your BOUNDARIES ARE.

A wise man once said in the book “Think and Grow Rich”, your life truly begins at age 20. 

That is when you are no longer a teenager and now fully responsible for your actions.

So in your 20’s, EXPLORE YOURSELF. :D

Find out:

  • Who you are
  • What you like/dislike
  • What your emotions mean
  • What are your triggers for sadness/depression
  • What makes you extremely happy?
  • What are you addicted to?


Once you discover these things, you’ll walk in confidence without second guessing yourself or being easily influences by other people’s opinions. 


  1. Not Discovering Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Just like a b*tt hole, everyone has these.

So discover yours!

It’ll help you navigate through adulthood knowing what you already have a natural advantage in.

Your strengths will tell you what you should work on to really shine in.

Your weaknesses will tell you that if you suck at something, don’t beat yourself up so much.

You can still overcome it, but it may not be your strong suit… So focus on the positives and at least aim for average in the rest. 


  1. Making High school College Your Only Highlight

There’s a saying that High school/College is the best years of anyone’s life.. Because from there, its only downhill.

And that doesn’t have to be entirely true. “Adulting Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard” is my mantra for a reason 

You have decades to live and 4 years of prime school life shouldn’t be the best part of your life.

If so, that means you aren’t really living after that. Instead, it should be a place of learning lessons that help you throughout the rest of your adult life. 

 So make sure that you’re living life even after your school days by traveling, doing the things you enjoy, and not just making work take up all of your energy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of work and coming home to watch TV, sleep, and repeat but I challenge you to spend your extra time in your passions.

There is where you’ll find happiness and peace. 


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