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5 Signs You're Not Read to Move Out

5 Signs You're Not Read to Move Out

1. You have No CREDIT 

Having credit is a MUST! Some rental properties won’t even allow you to rent if you don’t have some sort of credit established. 

Even if you can pay a whole YEAR of rent up-front, they STILL to run a credit        check.  Your credit score pretty much proves how RELIABLE you are in a lender’s eyes. A good or bad credit score will make or break your opportunities to buy and rent. This list of Do’s and Don’ts for credit cards will walk you through how to build credit with your first credit card. 


2. You don’t pay your bills on time/ Always Late 

Do you frequently get “late notices” and late fee penalties? 

Do you know all of the grace periods for bills because you always pay late?

Do you have bill collectors constantly calling you about unpaid expenses? 

If so, you should reconsider moving out of your parents house right now. 

I recommend before you move out to have experience paying even small bills on time on a consistent basis. That way you understand the flow of bill paying and you don’t go from zero bills to 10 in one month! 

If you can manage 2 bills, you can manage 12! (As long as you have the funds) Do yourself a favor and DON’T bombard your bank account all at once.


3. You have NO money saved up


In order to move out of your parents house without returning the next month broke and homeless, you HAVE to save up 3 months of full expenses MINIMUM but 6-12 is ideal.** 

You just don’t know what kinds of surprises #ADULTING has instore for you. Having money saved up is PIECE OF MIND and an EMERGENCY FUND.

4. You have NO STEADY income

Unless you have 10’s and 1,000’s of dollars, you need a steady flow of income. 

Whether this is from a steady job or your OWN BUSINESS, you need SCHMONEY!!! 

*Inserts Cardi B*

Bills don’t stop so the money flow can’t either. GET THAT DOUGH ROLLIN!! 


5. You don’t know how to manage your OWN BANK ACCOUNT

You’re going to need to OWN that bank account, WORK THAT UPDO! 

Take some time to understand the ins and outs of a basic Checking and Savings Account.

  •  Know where to find your account numbers. 
  • What a Deposit looks like vs. Withdrawal
  •  How to spot fraud or unapproved charges on your account
  •  Learn to avoid over drafting your account. 

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