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10 Signs You're Now Adulting

10  Signs You're Now Adulting

10 Signs You’re are Now Adulting (You need to be doing these!)

 1. You manage your own bank account

Maintaining your own bank account is one of the first bursts of freedom you have as a     young adult. Something about taking control of your own finances just screams “Grown-Up”. 

2. You have established credit (mention credit BP)

Credit is the most important thing next to money when it comes to surviving #Adulting. You need credit for everything, renting an apartment, purchasing a car, furniture --- literally all things adulting related. It’s recommended to start off with one credit card to start building your credit and reliability. If you need some help with that, my post on  <insert Credit BP> will get you started! 

3. You not only pay your bills – but ON TIME!

This is a must!!! Paying bills isn’t the most fun in the world, but every adult has to at some point if they want to leave the nest. Paying your bills on time also helps boost your credit score exponentially, so WHY NOT?!?

4. Keep your house or space clean and organized

Any successful person will tell you that keeping your surroundings clean helps keep you focused. So De-Clutter your home, your room, your office space. 

 5. Know how to cook meals at home!

One of the first adulting skills to learn is --- cooking. Thankfully, cooking couldn’t be easier with recipe readily available from your mobile device and meal kit delivery services like Hello Fresh, Green Chef, and Purple Carrot (for Vegans).

 6. Do Your Laundry Regularly

Laundry is probably one of my most daunting chores to do. I really struggle with this one, as I simply have SO. MANY. CLOTHES! But I’ve learned that doing laundry regularly creates way less stress when picking an outfit (you have more options) and you feel SUPER accomplished when you’re all done!  

7. Keep up with your health check-ins

I know, I know, I know. Going to the doctors isn’t the most fun thing to do. And ladies, pap smears are the DREADFUL WORST! But going for your check-ins is a necessity and it’s better to be proactive with your health than reactive. 

8. Get Oil Changes on time

9. You get Your Taxes filed on time!

Tax Time! Tax Time!! The best approach to taxes, is getting them done early over with. 

If you’re filing for the first time as an independent adult, here’s a list of credible Tax Filers:

  • H&R Block
  • Turbo Tax
  • Jackson Hewitt

 10. Have Health Insurance

Whether through your job, or on your own -- health insurance is an important asset. 

  1. Throw out expired groceries before they turn colors
  2. Put out your trash regularly
  3. Have Renters Insurance

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